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Analytics Training Institute in Bangalore

Want something comprehensive yet interactive? Our customized range of Instructor Led Analytics Training in Bangalore cover not only Industry approved content using demos, interactive lectures, quizzes and hands-on practice sessions but also conducts mock Interview sessions and trending skill workshops from eminent Industry practitioners.

Analytics Courses in Bangalore

At Study Analytics, we aim to provide the best analytic courses. Here is the list of the courses:


Analytics Training Institute in Bangalore

MIS Analytics

Skilled professionals in MIS Analytics offer solutions to help organizations perform ad-hoc analysis of live data. This skill enables an employee to make accurate forecasts, manage resource decisions and improve productivity at an enterprise level which not only improve individual capability in decision making but also facilitates organization to beat competition and lead a worthy share in the market.


Analytics Courses in Bangalore

Business Analytics using R

Business Analytics-R prepares you for a successful career in predictive modelling, including the ability to analyze large data sets and to develop modeling solutions to support decision making. Hands on training given using R statistical software.


best Analytics Courses in Bangalore

Business Analytics Using SAS And R

Analytics using SAS and R empowers you with ready-to-use programs for data manipulation, information storage and retrieval, descriptive statistics and report writing; and a powerful macro facility that reduces programming. Specialization in SAS & R especially in a market like Bangalore, for an individual would mark as a competency rival to all commercial statistical packages.


analytics training in bangalore

Data Analytics

Business knowledge helps you in extracting valuable information from structured and unstructured sources. It helps you in providing best analytical model solutions to business users. Data Analytics helps you in managing large datasets that not only aid in visualizations but also in supporting business decision making tools. Data Analytics is also said to be hottest job of 21st century.