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Machine Learning Using R

Develop the Machine Learning Skills through R Programming, and Master it!!

Classroom Training on Machine Learning with R

Machine Learning: Data Science and Machine Learning are the emerging buzz in the modern industry relate to advanced analytics, though the real work was there since long ago. A Data Scientist is an expert who knows the business, analyze the scenarios, diagnose issues, detect patterns, design solutions and automate process with predictions to help the company to improve its business with a competitive edge.

R: R is the most popular open source software for Business Analytics. R is the hand tool for all statisticians for preparing, analyzing, visualizing, predicting and forecasting using the business data for business problems to be identified and resolved. It has packages built over are made easy for a Data Scientist to apply advanced Machine learning algorithms, right from the basic plots to the advanced deep learning methods on industrial data.

A Man Working with Tools to depict that Hands-on Classes are Provided with  R Machine Learning Skill Course at Study Analytics
Hands-On Classes
Data Warehouse to indicate that real Industry Data will be Provided with hands-on Classes for  R Machine Learning Skill Course at Study Analytics
Industry Data
Multiple Domains Across the globe to indicate that workshops from multiple domains are conducted along with  R Machine Learning Skill course at study analytics
Group Study
Projects with real industry usecases to indicate that live projects are done alongwith  R Machine Learning Skill course at Study Analytics
Live Projects
Study Materials are shared to the candidates when they take up  R Machine Learning Skill course at Study Analytics
Study Material Shared
Man thinking in Analytic Mindset to show that the learning pedagogy for  R Machine Learning Skill Course at Study Analytics is Easy for the Learner
Easy Learning Pedagogy

Course Highlights

Course Description

The course duration of  R Machine Learning Skill Course at Study Analytics

30 Hrs of Classroom Training + 30 Hours Home Assignments and Project

  • A man working with R Programming tools to show that Assignments are given per topic with  R Machine Learning Skill course at Study AnalyticsAssignments: 30+
  • A computer screen with process and outcome to indicate that projects with real business scenarios are facilitaed along with  R Machine Learning Skill course at Study AnalyticsProjects: Business Scenarios and Data
  • Multiple Domains Across the globe to indicate that workshops from multiple domains are conducted along with  R Machine Learning Skill course at study AnalyticsDomains: Multiple- Retail, Online, Sales
  • A spanner and screw driver image to show that the teaching methodology at Study Analytics for  R Machine Learning Skill Course is practice basedPedagogy: 100% Practice Based

What do you get?

  • In-Class Assignments (Learn while practicing)
  • Live Projects to refine the subject taught (Be experienced)
  • The best practices to build an effective Business dashboard
  • Skills on data processing and business reporting life cycle
  • Most Relevant and Latest Methods in Data Analytics and the Best Practiced R Programming Techniques.
  • Skills on Statistical Analysis
  • Latest Machine Learning Algorithms in Data Science
Two fresh graduates new to Analytics standing hand in hand to indicate the prerequisites for taking up  R Machine Learning Skill course at Study Analytics


Machine Learning is a mathematical discipline, and students will benefit from a good background in probability, linear algebra and calculus. Programming experience is essential.Any individual who wishes to learn Machine Learning, but with a strong foundation of statistics, mathematics, data structures and algorithms and principles of programming languages, having working knowledge in Analytics using R can enroll for this program

Two succesful candidates wearing graduation caps after completing  R Machine Learning Skill Course at Study Analytics

Course Outcome

At the end of the course the learners will be able to design and implement machine learning solutions to business problems by converting them into classification, regression, and clustering problems, and be able to evaluate and interpret the results of the algorithms and Implement the solutions using R Programming.

Course Modules

  • Regression
    • 1. Linear Regression
    • 2. Decision Trees
    • 3. Random Forest
    • Case Studies
    • Assignments
  • Classification
    • 1. Logistic Regression
    • 2. K Nearest Neighbors
    • 3. Support Vector Machines
    • 4. Naïve Bayes
    • Case Studies
    • Assignments
  • Clustering
    • 1. K-Means Clustering
    • 2. Hierarchical Clustering
    • Case Studies
    • Assignments
  • Association Rule Learning
    • 1. Apriori
    • 2. Eclat Algorithm
    • Case Studies
    • Assignments
  • Dimensionality Reduction
    • 1. Principal Component Analysis
    • 2. Linear Discriminant Analysis
    • Case Studies
    • Assignments
  • Neural Networks
    • 1. Artificial Neural Network
    • 2. Convolutional Neural Network
    • 3. Recurrent Neural Networks
    • Case Studies
    • Assignments
  • Time Series Analysis
    • Case Studies
    • Assignments
  • Text Mining
    • 1. Text Processing
    • 2. Analysis and predictions
    • Case Studies
    • Assignments
  • Capstone Project
  • Practical Labs using R and Keras
The Syllabus can be customized for a Group of Students or Corporates. Reach to us for the customization options as per your institutional requirements

Hear from Our Students

Hemanth Basavaraju
Wipro Limited

The course structure and timings were effective. The material provided was in simple language. The number of students in the batch was also less so that students understood and doubts were cleared at the correct point of time. The examples and the case studies provided for each unit were also effective. Overall, the course was good and effective.

Rupsa Roy 
SAP Labs India

I'm thankful to study analytics. Faculties are always motivating. The way of teaching, corporate exposure, and customized course content was very helpful. If you really want to learn SAS then you can join this course. Only one word I have to say is Excellent.

Abhishek A
TEG Analytics

I cannot ask for a better course structure than what is provided at Study Analytics. It helps us to go in depth and understand the subject in a better manner. The faculties are highly equipped and efficient. They make sure that we do not miss out on any of the concepts. There is a lot of clarity in their teaching method.

R.Rajeev Pillai
Lufthansa Technik Services India Pvt Ltd

Analytics is one of the unique domain, where one can have a competitive edge and can withstand the changing market environment. Learning base SAS from Study Analytics is a great experience both theoretically as well as practically. The way of teaching is excellent and practice after each topic makes the student learn and understand topics much better.

Diwakar Talanki

The course at Study Analytics was very interactive and covers all the basic needs that the company expects from Freshers. The trainers were very humble and cleared all my doubts. The real-time business case studies were very helpful.

S Sruthi

The session is very interesting and learned many things regarding banking like how it works. It was a wonderful experience with Study Analytics.

G Ravi Teja

Materials provided for the course was very helpful. The faculty has been very helpful and patient in teaching us all the concepts and provided us with an adequate amount of time for practice. My overall experience with Study Analytics has been very enriching.

Shreyas Chandra
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Study Analytics has provided me a path for a bright future. The teaching here is good. Study Analytics training provides more examples and scenarios to explain the topics.
Let our experts help you customizing the course for your profile


One can only learn the concepts of machine learning without R or any other language but to implement those concepts, the learner needs atleast one programming language and R is Best for beginners.R's simple syntax and readability enables rapid testing of complex algorithms, and make the language accessible even to non-programmers. The language is great to use when working with machine learning algorithms and has easy syntax relatively
If you are a beginner in data science field with some good programming skills, the learning curve will be same for both Python and R. But, if you are from a statistical background with no programming knowledge, R is the suitable choice for you. R has a very good community for data exploration and learning, also it has extensive visualization capabilities

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