Lets hear what our students have to say

The training process is tailored for every individual as per the learning capability. Thankful that I found good institute and good trainer!

Rani Ramachandra
rani ramachandra : Study Analytics Alumnus

There is a difference when StudyAnalytics, teaches you. The trainer equips you with understanding that helps you tackle even problems outside the book. The material is very informative and the peer group makes learning even more fun. Study Analytics is the place to learn

Sanchit Suman
Citi Bank
sanchit suman : Study Analytics Alumnus

Best training ever happened to me in my career i thank faculty for his valuable guidance and support.

Aashish N P
True Influence
Aashish : Study Analytics Alumnus

Analytics course syllabus at SA includes all the necessary examples, case studies required to gain knowledge of analytics which will definitely help me in my career and future growth. Facilities are very helpful and they provide all facilities in learning and excel in analytics

Ekta Gupta
Polaris Consulting & Services Ltd
Ekta Gupta : Study Analytics Alumnus

I cannot ask for a better course structure than what is provided at Study Analytics. It helps us to go in depth and understand the subject in a better manner. The faculties are highly equipped and efficient. They make sure that we do not miss out on any of the concept. There is a lot of clarity in their teaching method

Abhishek A
Abhishek A : Study Analytics Alumnus

It is the best institute for analytics . The study material, mock test and industry exposure are really helpful to get into analytics both for fresher and experienced. I have recently placed in Genpact and would like to thanks faculty for their continuous guideline

Suchismit Gupta
Suchismit Gupta : Study Analytics Alumnus

The session was very useful & knowledgeable. I learned so many new concepts. Session was very easy to follow and was interactive

Neenu Sunny
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
Neenu Sunny : Study Analytics Alumnus

Good content , great instructor , fast paced but very informative . Well presented in a manner that holds the attention . Points were explained pretty well backed up by good knowledge . Looking forward to putting what I learned into practice

Nitin Grover
Oracle India Pvt. Ltd
Nitin Grover : Study Analytics Alumnus

Being a B.tech MBA, I always wanted to enter a cause that had a little bit of both. Study Analytics has helped me to decide on the appropriate career path for me. The teaching is excellent. As concepts are covered from the bottom up, starting from the basics. Overall it’s a good learning centre for those who aspire a career in Analytics

Mathew Allen B
Citi Bank
Mathew Allen : Study Analytics Alumnus

The courses are very well structured and the materials are crisp . The trainers are knowledged and helpful

Akshatha Purandar
Akshatha Purander : Study Analytics Alumnus

The analytics course at Study Analytics has been very helpful in understanding and well structured. All the syntaxes and programs are explained in a detailed manner which gives in depth knowledge and master very minute aspects of data analytics

Rishikesh Kumar Sharma
Credit Suisse
Rishikesh Sharma : Study Analytics Alumnus

Training here is really awesome. The trainers are well experienced . The course here is designed perfectly is a structured way which makes learning easy. For me it has been the place to learn SAS and analytics

E Prudhvi teja
Pruthvi Teja : Study Analytics Alumnus

I think I came to the right place, doubts get cleared fast and precise. Looking forward for a goodtime in the future even with Study Analytics. Training will be helpful for certification and job

Ramkrushna Panda
Ramkrushna Panda : Study Analytics Alumnus

I attended business analytic straining at Study Analytics which is really very nice. Soni teaches not only from the syllabus prescribed but also make us think out of box. I glad to be a student at Study Analytics with Soni as a trainer

Sudheesh K C
Tata Consultancy Services
Sudheesh KC : Study Analytics Alumnus

An excellent program with efficient trainer and well explained course material for hands on. Worth the money you put into it. Special thanks to the trainer for their support throughout the program also for their specific lecture

Samuel T
Samuel T : Study Analytics Alumnus

Faculty has good knowledge of SAS. I would like them to include more practical examples so that we will be getting more exposure to SAS in day to day life. And please ask students to explain the problems if they have understood it most of the time. Since after explaining the problem my doubts were cleared. I wish them all the best

Teena Dubey
Danske Bank
Teena Dubey : Study Analytics Alumnus

Course content is exhaustive and promising. The tests conducted are good for understanding and reviewing concepts, post the tests. It would have helped us a lot if the session schedules were followed strictly. The way the seminars/workshops are conducted for business domain is very good; but it would have bee more exciting if there was any interaction with health care professionals.

Keerthi Ravikanti Bollam
Keerthi bollam : Study Analytics Alumnus

I secured good marks in base SAS certification because I underwent systematic training and mentoring from faculty. I had other great opportunities to develop new skills and add them to my resume. I would highly recommend this course from Study Analytics to others

Kirthan Sharalaya
Dell EMC
Kirthan : Study Analytics Alumnus

The course was very interactive and covers all the basic needs that the companies expect from fresher’s. The trainers were very humble & they were clearing all my doubts. The real time business case studies they gave were very helpful

Diwakar Talanki
Sutherland Healthcare Solutions
Diwakar Talanki : Study Analytics Alumnus

I think it’s the best place to learn SAS as they also motivate you simultaneously which is a very important entity

Raju Ganesh
Raju Ganesh : Study Analytics Alumnus

This course is basically help for fresher, who are pass out. This course will improve your analytic skill

kiran kumar k
Kiran Kumar : Study Analytics Alumnus

It was quite a thorough session. Got to know much about where and how big data play role in Banking sectors. How the data is handled or dealt with in the banking sector and also how banks operate

Srishti Kalwar
Srishti Kalwar : Study Analytics Alumnus

It was quite technical I must say that I enjoyed every single second of the class. We should have more classes like these. So that we can pursue the cutting edge position

Deepak Gulia
IMS health
Deepak Gulia : Study Analytics Alumnus

It was a great session regarding banking. Learnt new concepts and process involved in banking. The instructor has a good knowledge and has explained and cleared all the doubts

Saurabh Sinha
Saurabh Sinha

Helpful session, came to know that how the banking system works and how SAS is used in the banking. It was easy to understand as every topic was elaborated with examples

Utpal Nishat
Tata Communications
utpal nishat

I am thankful to Study Analytics. Easy to understand simple and complex programming. Faculties are always motivating. The way of teaching corporate exposure, and customize course content which they provided are very helpful. If you really want to learn the SAS course you can join this course. Only one word you can say ‘Excellent

Rupsa Roy
SAP Labs India
rupsa Roy

The session is very interesting and learnt many things regarding banking like how it works. It is my pleasure to be a part of this session. I would be interested to join you in your next session

Sruthi Siddhabhaktula
sruthi s

The course is well structured having good content. I have acquired good knowledge and skill sets from faculties. The environment is very helpful and the faculties guide very well for certifications

Kalyani Raut
First American Financial Corporation
Kalyani Raut : Study Analytics Alumnus

The classes are extensive and in depth. Basic concepts are explained very well. Very friendly approach. Very systematic way of preparing for certifications

Spandan Saha
3i Infotech Ltd.
Spandan Saha : Study Analytics Alumnus

It was a great experience to learn, analytics at SA which is going to give me a big upliftment in my career growth and the best training ever happened to me in my career . I thank SA for the valuable guidance and support.

Aryan Mahaling
IBM India Private Limited
Aryan Mahaling : Study Analytics Alumnus

Theory part of training is very helpful. Theory and practical giving together will be better understanding rather we go practicing its difficult to grab.

Shakthivel R
WNS Global Services
Shakthivel.R : Study Analytics Alumnus

More than SAS, a candidate gets to learn about different perspective of analytics which are taken by highly qualified professionals. I give a thumbs up to Study Analytics

Yathartha Sharma
Gupta Power Infrastructure Limited
Yatharth Sharma : Study Analytics Alumnus

Pleasant introduction and ice breaker with the participants. Course was covered in detail and involved exchange of ideas.

Sharath P K
Sharath PK : Study Analytics Alumnus

Class sessions are interactive, helps understand the subject easily. Comprehensive material and trainers with good knowledge of SAS

Jeson Singh
jeson Singh : Study Analytics Alumnus

Interactive classes with practical work . Excellent classes with good placement options

S Karthik
karthik S : Study Analytics Alumnus

A great class gave the basic and in depth knowledge of topics in the banking analytics. These topics would help in cracking the interviews. Would like to have many more sessions to come in future

Aoun Naqi
Aoun Naqi : Study Analytics Alumnus

Excellent program, a very professional. Learnt a lot in excel. Excellent mentors, looking forward to learn more

Shalini Das
Shalini Das : Study Analytics Alumnus

The program was very crisp and covered many major parts of excel which is very useful. From smallest of functions to generate big functions, all we learnt. The teaching methodology was very clear and effective. All the doubts were cleared. And also the way every thing was taught, it stays in memory

Shivani More
Shivani : Study Analytics Alumnus

Through experienced hands you not only get to learn the elite tools for industrial purpose but also gives you an exposure of the domain. This course not only helped me to excel the tools but gave me the confidence of having a spark which helped me in my career

Ishan Acharya
Reliance Retail
Ishan Acharya : Study Analytics Alumnus

I attended training for SAS Base @Study Analytics and to be true, the course structure, learning methodology and personal counseling is a way better than any other competitor in the market. With minimal effort and strong guidance from faculty, I was able to clear certification with 85% in no time. Thanks to SA.

Pratyush Thakur
Credit Suisse
pratyush Takur : study analytics Alumnus

Study Analytics teaches professionally. I think the DNA of Study Analytics is to think as analyst while studying. This place gives wide scope of current situation of analytics relating to the business.

Ravikanth M V
ravikanth MV : study analytics Alumnus

Course content and mode of teaching is very well organized and structured , so that any lay man can pick it up . Also the trainers have good knowledge of SAS and certified also which makes the training easy to understand and learn fast

Arjun Muraleedharan
study analytics Alumnus

Study Analytics has provided, me a path for bright future. The teaching here is good. SA training provides more examples and scenarios in order to understand the topics

Shreyas Chandra
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
shreyas chandra : study analytics Alumnus

Good structure and the programming examples used on every step of learning. Detailed notes or presentations are used for the daily classes which helps in imbibing the basics very diligently. Timing flexibility is there with a list of options

varun jindal
varun : study analytics Alumnus

Good tutor for excel and now I am able to work on basic as well as advanced excel. Topics covered in excel class were very helpful in day to day life as well

Sagar Kulkarni
Webcetera Software Solutions
sagar : study analytics Alumnus

The advanced excel class that was covered as a part of syllabus is well structured, organised and well delivered. Thanks to Study Analytics

Prasath S
MIAC - Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation
prasath s : study analytics Alumnus

A very nice introduction of banking sector and how analytics is utilized in it. Also a very great explanation of key methods and strategies used for forecasting behavior pattern.

Khailendra Solanki
MIAC - Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation
khailendra solanki : study analytics Alumnus