Specialized Courses

Specialized Analytics Courses in Bangalore

Analytics has laid a strong foundation in the technological space. Learn how to organize, analyze and interpret these new and vast sources of information with individualized training programs. Master in these skills and expand your opportunities.



A training on SAS and certifications are known for easiest entry to Analytics Industry . Classroom training, SAS Certification assistance and a hands on experience in projects using SAS knowledge is one of our key takeaways from this course.



With millions of users worldwide using R, it is rapidly becoming the leading programming language in applied statistics and data science. Leverage the power of R for effective data analysis. Our trainers help you in solving real data problems with interactive lectures and live case studies.



Understand the structured data base you need to handle for creating, recording, analyzing, retrieving and managing required business information. An easy learning hands on training on SQL for a novice.



MongoDB analyses unstructured data in place and in real time, faster and with less money. Since Mongo DB makes your analytical engines comprehensive and real time, there has been an exponential growth in demand of mastered professionals in this field.



You will learn everything you need to get started using Python for data analysis by Industry experts. A comprehensive learning path designed to become a data scientist using Python as been made easier for you using Python functions, control flows, lists, data frames and data mining and much more.


Advanced MS Excel

Learn how to perform data analysis using most popular and advanced features of MS Excel. Uniquely among data analytics offerings, this course empowers you to understand and apply advanced methodologies of excel using pivots, advance VBA skills, dashboards, etc.