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SAS Training in Bangalore & Certification

SAS Training in Bangalore with SAS Certification


SAS is the leading software for Analytics in the Industry. 99% of Fortune 500 Companies are depending on SAS for their Analytics Solutions. SAS is a software suite that is used for data retrieval, data integration, data mining, and data management, data analysis, connecting with different silo data sources or platforms of the same business and effectively does the best statistical analytics on it. We aim to provide the best SAS Training in Bangalore with placement. We also help students prepare for the SAS Certification Exams.

Key Takeaways from this Course:

SAS Training in Bangalore with SAS Certification

In class Assignments

Practical training on tool

SAS Training in Bangalore with SAS Certification

Case Studies

SAS Training in Bangalore with SAS Certification

Master Classes

SAS Training in Bangalore with SAS Certification

Alumni Support

SAS provides an easy use visual analytics in a graphical point-and-click user interface for non-technical users and more powerful and advanced options through the SAS programming language.

Quick Facts About SAS

  • SAS is the leader in Analytics Industry since decades and trusted software for a professional to start their career with.
  • SAS Professionals gets more trusted and opportunities when recession and the safest recession-free career one can make it.
  • SAS Software has more than 3000 sites worldwide creating 1000s of opportunities every month
  • 99% of Fortune 500 Companies are using SAS for their Analytics needs.
  • Recessions gave an opportunity to grab an average 40% hike for a qualified SAS Resources.

SAS Certification Training in Bangalore

Course Modules:

SAS Certification Preparation

This SAS training will equip the candidates to attend the Global SAS Certification offered by SAS Institute. This is one of the best credential, the candidates can acquire to enrich their profile and get into the analytics career with increased salary and opportunities.

Base SAS Certification Preparation

  • Accessing Data
  • Creating Data Structures
  • Managing Data
  • Generating Reports
  • Handling Errors
  • Mock Tests

Advanced SAS Certification Preparation

Accessing Data Using SQL

SQ: programming is the power full skill required for the candidate who intent to work with large databases, libraries, advanced table lookup techniques, and ad-hoc queries. This module covers the usage of SQL Programming in SAS through SQL Procedure. This covers the topics includes

  • Accessing data
  • Generate Reports
  • Working with tables
  • Joining files vertical and horizontal
  • Grouping and summarizing with conditional filters
  • Sub queries, inline views
  • Creating tables, views and indexes.
  • Access Dictionary Tables using the SQL procedure.

Macro Processing

Automation of the Base SAS Code is essential for a SAS Programmer. Macro facility enables the user to reduce the programmer’s effort and increase the efficiency of the work by reducing the maintenance time as well. This SAS Macros Training includes

  • SAS Macro Variables
  • SAS Macro Functions
  • SAS Macro Statements
  • SAS Macro definitions
  • SAS Macro Calls
  • Automation of Programs using SAS Macros
  • Defining data driven programs using SAS Macros

Advanced Programming Techniques

This SAS Advanced Training helps the candidates to learn the advanced functionality of programming techniques that are high in demand to progress in your career as SAS Programmer or Analyst. This includes

  • Advanced table lookups
  • In-memory processing
  • Data de-duplication
  • Creating User defined Functions
  • Creating Indexes and views
  • Performance optimization of codes
  • Mock tests