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R Programming for Analytics

Develop the Skills in Analytics with R Programming!

Classroom Training on Analytics with R Programming

R is the most popular open source software for Business Analytics. R is the hand tool for all statisticians for preparing, analyzing, and visualizing, predicting and forecasting using the business data for business problems to be identified and resolved. This course addresses the demand for skilled resources to perform Analytics with R software

A Man Working with Tools to depict that Hands-on Classes are Provided with R Programming Skill Course at Study Analytics
Hands-On Classes
Data Warehouse to indicate that real Industry Data will be Provided with hands-on Classes for R Programming Skill Course at Study Analytics
Industry Data
Multiple Domains Across the globe to indicate that workshops from multiple domains are conducted along with R Programming Skill course at study analytcis
Group Study
Projects with real industry usecases to indicate that live projects are done alongwith R Programming Skill course at Study Analytics
Live Projects
Study Materials are shared to the candidates when they take up R Programming Skill course at Study Analytics
Study Material Shared
Man thinking in Analytic Mindset to show that the learning pedagogy for R Programming Skill Course at Study Analytics is Easy for the Learner
Easy Learning Pedagogy

Course Highlights

The course duration of R Programming Skill Course at Study Analytics

20 Hrs of Classroom Training + 20 Hours Home Assignments and Project

  • A man working with R Programming tools to show that Assignments are given per topic with R Programming Skill course at Study AnalyticsAssignments: 10+
  • A computer screen with process and outcome to indicate that projects with real business scenarios are facilitaed along with R Programming Skill course at Study AnalyticsProjects: Business Scenarios with Real Data
  • Multiple Domains Across the globe to indicate that workshops from multiple domains are conducted along with R Programming Skill course at study analytcisDomains: Multiple- Retail, Online, Sales
  • A spanner and screw driver image to show that the teaching methodology at Study Analytics for R Programming Skill Course is practice basedPedagogy: 100% practice based

What do you get?

  • In-Class Assignments (Learn while practicing)
  • Live Projects to refine the subject taught (Be experienced)
  • The best practices to build an effective Business dashboard
  • Skills on data processing and business reporting life cycle
  • Most Relevant and Latest Methods in Data Analytics and the Best Practiced R Programming Techniques.
Two fresh graduates new to Analytics standing hand in hand to indicate the prerequisites for taking up R Programming Skill course at Study Analytics


Any candidates who wish to work with R Software for data analysis. Candidates with Graduate degree or more with quantitative subjects and having good communication skills and a high flair to mathematics or statistics and IT.

Two succesful candidates wearing graduation caps after completing R Programming Skill Course at Study Analytics

Course Outcome

On successful completion of the training the candidates will gain the skills to work with R software, Accessing the data, cleaning and validating, consolidating, transforming, analyzing scenarios, creates reports.

Course Modules

  • R Programming Course Syllabus
    • Overview of CRAN project
    • Installing R and R Studio
    • Data Type and Structures
    • Data Import/Export
    • Data Operations
    • Data Exploration
    • Data Manipulation
    • Dplyr Pacakage
    • Loops and Functions
    • Run Sql Queries in R
    • Data Visualizations
The Syllabus can be customized for a Group of Students or Corporates. Reach to us for the customization options as per your institutional requirements

Hear from Our Students

Rishikesh Sharma
Credit Suisse

The course has been very useful in understanding the basics of data handling. Study materials have been very simple to understand and well structured. The course materials have helped me to know and master the very minute aspect of data analytics.

Gowtham Ramalingam

The sessions at Study Analytics were conducted in such a way that we were able to get very good clarity at every level. Trainers are passionate enough about teaching which was quite evident from the way they carry out their training sessions.

Ranjan Kumar Nandi
TEG Analytics

The course at Study Analytics is designed in such a way that, every person who enrolls into this course will be confident enough to work on any business problem as well as to clear at least the base SAS certification. And trainers motivate you to learn more and apply your thoughts on solving business cases as well as supports a lot in preparing for certification exams.
Ravikanth M V
Study analytics teaches professionally. I think the DNA of Study Analytics is thinking like an analyst while studying. This place gives a wide scope of the current situation of analytics relating to business examples. Study analytics gave me an opportunity to understand the broad range of analytics field.

Sanchit Suman
Data Science Analyst, AppleĀ 

There is a difference when a trainer teaches you (with respect). They equip you with an understanding that helps you tackle even the problem outside the book. The material is very informative, and the peer group makes learning even more fun. Study Analytics is the place to learn analytics.

Prudhvi Teja
Caterpillar Inc.

Training here is really awesome. The trainers are well experienced. The course is designed perfectly in a standard way which makes us learn thoroughly about SAS. We had lectures from various business analysts and professionals. It has been the best place for me to learn analytics.

Samuel T

An excellent program with efficient trainers and well explained course material for hands on. Worth the money you put in. Special thanks to the trainers for their support throughout the program also for their special lectures.

Shreyas Chandra
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Study Analytics has provided me a path for a bright future. The teaching here is good. Study Analytics training provides more examples and scenarios to explain the topics.
Let our experts help you customizing the course for your profile


R is the first open source software for data analysis. Hence most university graduates and researchers prefer to use R programming for their research and data analytics needs. As a reason its open source and more researchers got familiar to it, the industry stared using it for the data analytics and statistical analysis requirement of the business and research data like data preparation, visualization, exploratory data analysis, and predictive analysis and even for advanced machine learning capabilities.
Getting a job in Analytics Industry depends on few factors and among the key factors, at least one of the data analysis software skill is the essential capability one should possess. R is widely used for the data analytics needs. Getting a job is not entirely dependant on a software tool. But definitely it will accelerate the chances of getting more opportunities.
Any candidates without IT knowledge can also take up this course. The course covers basics to the advanced level of R Programming.

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