Business Analytics using R


Business Analytics using R

Business Analytics has become the essential capability for even smaller organizations also to remain competitive in the market. Analytics driven solutions have been used for performance excellence of business units like HR, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Sales etc.

Duration : 10 weeks

Fees : 23,000/-

Key Takeaways from this course:

In class Assignments

Practical training tool

Case Studies

Master Classes

Alumni Support


Getting Start with Analytics

This module will cover the general industry scenarios and the Business Profiles. Candidate will be introduced to the world of Analytics

  • Job Roles and Prerequisites
  • Technologies and Enterprise Data
  • Use Case development and Data Mapping

Data Analysis

Candidate will get trained on Data Analytics which is the Primary goal of an analyst to solve the business problems and Includes

  • Introduction to R Language
  • Data Processing Techniques
    • Data Access
    • Data Validation
    • Data Cleaning
    • Data consolidation
    • Data Transformations
    • Data Management
    • Advanced Data Look Ups
    • Data Preparation for Analysis
  • SAS Software for Data Preparation and Analytics
  • Excel for Data Analysis

MIS Reporting

This module trains the candidate on various techniques practiced in industry for high quality advanced business reports which help the management to take some actionable decisions.

  • Introduction to MIS Reports and Business Dash Boards
  • Fundamentals of Business Dash Boards
  • Creating Reports : mock shells
  • Types of Reports
  • Creating Graphs & Charts
  • Adding KPIs to repots.
  • Adding Meaningful Statistics to the reports

Statistical Analysis

This module teaches the basic elementary statistics, Probability, hypothesis in business, statistical tests and application of statistical methods to solve business problems.

  • Exploratory data Analysis
  • Probability and Statistical Tests
  • ANOVA, Regression, Logistic Regression

Analytics tool kits

This module helps the candidate to learn how different tools are been used in Analytics and Integrating different techniques through these software tools for analytics.

  • VBA for Analytics.
  • Python for Analytics
  • MongoDB for Analytics

Advanced Analytics Techniques

This Module teaches the candidate the most used advanced business analytics practices for Advanced Analytics through case studies.

  • Introduction to Predictive models
  • Advanced Analytics Case Studies
  • Market Basket Analysis
    • RFM Analysis
    • Association Learning
    • Segmentation

Software tools: SQL, Excel, SAS, R, Tableau– (Base SAS Certification preparation included)

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