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Data Visualization Using QlikView

Upskill Yourselves with the Most In-Demand Visualization Tool, QlikView!!

Classroom Training on QlikView for Data Visualization

This course will help to learn how to use QlikView to effectively visualize data and communicate with users, in a well-structured curriculum that focuses more on hands-on practice sessions. The course covers the advanced visualization techniques, how to represent data from different platforms using Data Transformation and How to analyse multiple, huge data repositories using QlikView

A Man Working with Tools to depict that Hands-on Classes are Provided with QlikView Data Visualization Skill Course at Study Analytics
Hands-On Classes
Data Warehouse to indicate that real Industry Data will be Provided with hands-on Classes for QlikView Data Visualization Skill Course at Study Analytics
Industry Data
Multiple Domains Across the globe to indicate that workshops from multiple domains are conducted along with QlikView Data Visualization Skill course at study analytics
Group Study
Projects with real industry usecases to indicate that live projects are done alongwith QlikView Data Visualization Skill course at Study Analytics
Live Projects
Study Materials are shared to the candidates when they take up QlikView Data Visualization Skill course at Study Analytics
Study Material Shared
Man thinking in Analytic Mindset to show that the learning pedagogy for QlikView Data Visualization Skill Course at Study Analytics is Easy for the Learner
Easy Learning Pedagogy

Course Highlights

Course Description

The course duration of QlikView Data Visualization Skill Course at Study Analytics

30 Hrs of Classroom Training + 30 Hours Home Assignments and Project

  • A man working with yyy tools to show that Assignments are given per topic with QlikView Data Visualization Skill course at Study AnalyticsAssignments: 20+
  • A computer screen with process and outcome to indicate that projects with real business scenarios are facilitaed along with QlikView Data Visualization Skill course at Study AnalyticsProjects: Real Business Scenarios and Data
  • Multiple Domains Across the globe to indicate that workshops from multiple domains are conducted along with QlikView Data Visualization Skill course at study AnalyticsDomains: Multiple- Retail, Online, Sales
  • A spanner and screw driver image to show that the teaching methodology at Study Analytics for QlikView Data Visualization Skill Course is practice basedPedagogy: 100% practice based

What do you get?

  • In-Class Assignments (Learn while practicing)
  • Live Projects to refine the subject taught (Be experienced)
  • The best practices to build an effective Business dashboard
  • Skills on data processing and business reporting life cycle
Two fresh graduates new to Analytics standing hand in hand to indicate the prerequisites for taking up QlikView Data Visualization Skill course at Study Analytics


Candidates who want to learn and become proficient in data Visualization and advanced business dashboarding using the most demanding Visualization toold, QlikView. Candidates are expected to know the fundamentals of computers, IT systems, Business Data preferable with working knowledge of Excel and dashboard concept. You may look for an Excel Course to learn the basics

Two succesful candidates wearing graduation caps after completing QlikView Data Visualization Skill Course at Study Analytics

Course Outcome

Upon successful completion of the training, the candidates will learn how to analyze business data and Visualize the trends and patterns of data with QlikView

Course Modules

  • What is QlikView?
    • How does QlikView differ from traditional BI?
    • Exploring data with QlikView
    • The technology and components behind QlikView
  • Setting up the folder structure
    • Preparing the workspace
    • Creating the QlikView document
    • Creating the app
    • Constructing the data model
    • Creating the dashboard tab
  • Data Sources
    • Accessing custom data sources
    • Extracting data
    • The resulting data model
    • QVD files
    • Loading an Inline table
  • Data Modeling Dimensional data modeling
    • Relational databases and ER modeling
    • Dimensional modeling
    • The associative data model
    • The Table Viewer window
    • Guidelines for table associations
  • Design requirements
    • The Document Properties window
    • The Sheet Properties dialog
    • Setting the object properties
    • Working with listboxes
    • The Multi Box
    • The Current Selections Box
    • Adding a Bookmark Object
    • Aligning and resizing sheet objects
    • Creating and applying a default color map
  • Building Dashboards
    • User types
    • Creating the Analysis sheet
    • Creating the new Dashboard sheet
    • Creating the Reports sheet
    • Other charts
  • The Script Editor
    • Script statements
    • Conditional functions
    • Dealing with different data types
    • Debugging script/li>
    • Standardizing and organizing script
    • Re-using scripts
    • Managing file locations and connection strings
  • Data Modeling Best Practices
    • Data consistency
    • Reducing storage requirements
    • Design challenges of data modeling
    • Concatenating fact tables
    • Working with link tables
    • The master calendar
  • Data Transformation
    • "Cleansing" a dirty table
    • Loading a Crosstable
    • Expanding a hierarchy
    • Generic load
  • Advanced Expressions
    • Using variables
    • Using the TOTAL qualifier
    • The Aggr function
    • Conditional functions
    • A tip on copying expressions
  • Set Analysis and Point In Time Reporting
    • Point In Time Reporting
    • Comparative analysis with alternate states
    • Always validate
  • Advanced Data Transformation
    • Data architecture
    • Loading data already stored in QlikView
    • Aggregating data
    • Sorting tables
    • The Peek function
    • Merging forces
    • Dealing with slowly changing dimensions
    • Ordering, peeking, and matching all at once
    • Incremental loads
  • More on Visual Design and User Experience
    • Creating a consistent QlikView UI
    • Additional interactivity (Triggers, Conditionally showing and calculating objects, Actions, Advanced search expressions)
  • Security
    • Hidden script
    • Section access
    • Document-level security
    • Sheet-level security
  • QlikView Publisher and Access Point
The Syllabus can be customized for a Group of Students or Corporates. Reach to us for the customization options as per your institutional requirements

Hear from Our Students

Deepthy SajayCADD Centre

The classes was very useful and I got to learn many things related to banking domain and how analytics is used in banking industry. All my quries were answered and I was very comfortable with the classes and the traning program.

Rani RamachandraHewlett-Packard

The training process is tailored for every individual as per the learning capability. I'm thankful that I found a good institute and good trainer!

Aishwarya PoovaiahOpenText

I received a very good session at Study Analytics and got to know many new things related to banking.

S. SruthiArm

The session is very interesting and learned many things regarding banking like how it works. It was a wonderful experience with Study Analytics.

Seshadri Deb RoyDXC Technology

Study Analytics is providing an excellent platform for me to establish myself as a data analyst. The curriculum is wonderful for a SAS beginner. The teaching staff is very skilled and assist very well. I have equipped myself very well with their cooperation.

Yathartha SharmaGupta Power Infrastructure Limited

The classroom sessions at Study analytics is very interactive and interesting. Students get to learn about the different perspective of analytics which is taken by the highly qualified professionals. I give a thumbs up to Study Analytics.

G Ravi TejaByteDance

Materials provided for the course was very helpful. The faculty has been very helpful and patient in teaching us all the concepts and provided us with an adequate amount of time for practice. My overall experience with Study Analytics has been very enriching.

Harish NilajkarMBA, Christ University Bangalore

"My resume has been uplifted due to this training . Wonderful experience , it is a domain that is going to survive to a long time and training was good."
Let our experts help you customizing the course for your profile


QlikView is a Business Intelligence (BI) data discovery product for creating analytics applications and dashboards custom-made for business challenges. The software enables its user to discover data insights and relationships across various sources with QlikView's Associative Data Indexing Engine.
QlikView is a dashboard application that provides holistic and varied features while Tableau is more focused on visual analytics. While Tableau lacks the features to provide business-wise view QlikView has fantastic features to generate a full-fledged enterprise-scale reporting.

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