advanced ms excel classes in banglalore


MIS Reporting using MS Excel:

These days, almost every job requires MS Excel skills. If you are working as an analyst/manager/professional (accountant, lawyer, professor etc.), there is a high chance that your job requires MS Excel skills. The Level 1 is a 15 hours program that provides an exposure to data management and data analysis using MS Excel.

Duration : 24 Hours

Fees : 23,000/-

Key Takeaways from this course:

In class Assignments

Practical training on tool

Case Studies

Master Classes

Alumni Support


Level 1 : 16Hrs

MS Excel for Beginner

This module teaches a novice person to start using excel for the basic Data processing. Includes

Getting started:

  • Understanding Excel layout and working with cells, range and sheets functionality
  • Exploring paste special operation
  • General formatting and working with conditional formatting
  • Working with Range Names
  • Inbuilt functions – Maths&Stats, Date, Text, Logical, Lookup and reference
  • Database Operation – Sorting, Filter, Text to Columns, Subtotal, Remove Duplicates and Basic Pivot Tables and Charts
  • Data Visualization using charts

Level 2 : 24Hrs

Advanced Excel and DashBoards

This program is designed to make the candidates a power users of excel. This 18 hour hand-on program provides the participants with data crunching, analysis and dashboarding skills to answers complex questions. The participant should have working knowledge in excel with good understanding of basic functions and database operations.

Program Content :

  • Working with advanced formulas and functions
  • Building custom formulas in conditional formatting
  • Working with data tables and understanding structural referencing
  • Advanced Visualization (Custom charts, incell charts, dynamic charts)
  • Exploring the power of Pivot reporting (A-Z of reporting using pivot tables)
  • Introduction to Visual Basic Concepts of Object Oriented Programming
  • Introduction to Business Dash Boards.
  • Building dynamic and interactive dashboards in Excel using data validation and developer controls>

Level 3 : 30Hrs

Advanced Visual Basic and Business Dashboards

Excel has evolved to be an excellent platform to develop robust dashboards due its ease of use and availability. This program is designed for all who love to play with data and transform them to visually appealing meaningful insights. This Advanced VBA training equips the candidate to design meaningful business dashboards and automate the dashboards using visual basic. Includes

  • Getting Started with Excel Macros
  • Recording Macros and editing
  • Calling macros based on user defined events
  • Introduction to Excel VBA and understanding VBE
  • Understanding objects, properties, methods and events
  • Working with workbook, worksheet and range objects
  • Concepts of Data types, Constants and variables
  • Event handling
  • Using VBA to format data
  • Creating Subroutines and building UDF’s
  • Calling worksheet formulas in VBA
  • Using VBA functions
  • Applying format function
  • Working with IF Statement and Loops
  • Usage of Select Case
  • Understanding Collections – For Each
  • Working with User Forms