MIS Analytics from Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems

Management Information System is the necessary Business tool for the decision makers to understand the business process, performance, progress and issues immediately or real time. An MIS expert should understand the business requirements, Data sources available, techno functional process and analysis of business data to make meaningful business insights such as due delinquency, attrition, campaign performance, current sales etc.

Duration : 10 weeks

Fees : 23,000/-

Key Takeaways from this course:

In class Assignments

Practical training on tool

Case Studies

Master Classes

Alumni Support


This course will enable the candidates to understand various data driven practices in building meaningful advanced business dashboards from the complex messy data using leading software tools.


Organizations are struggling to better the quality of MIS reports in order to lead the competitive market. All captive and consulting companies are having MIS team working extensively on the day to day business activities with relevant informative reports.

Introduction :

  • Need of Business Intelligence in Industry
  • Business Analysis and Data Analysis
  • Course Plans

Data Processing :

In this module candidates will be trained on various data preparation techniques using industry leading software tools. Data processing techniques includes

  • Data access
  • Data mapping
  • Data cleaning & Validation
  • Data Consolidations
  • Data Transformations
  • Data Management
  • Base SAS global certification preparation
  • SQL programming
  • Excel Data Analysis

Data Visualization

This course gives the candidates a clear idea about why all industry leading business entities survives through perfect trend analysis, the most live or immediate using the best it systems includes

  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Visualizing trends through Graphs and Charts
  • MIS Reports using Base SAS
  • MIS Reports using Tableau

Reporting Automation

This course teaches the skill sets on how the BI unit of a company optimizes their business reporting system to achieve the best performance. Includes

  • Ad-hoc Reports
  • SAS Macros to automate reports
  • Advanced Excel Dash Boards
  • VBA

Reporting Automation

This portion teaches the candidates how companies arrive to and plan their new strategy and implement on concurrent business and how an MIS Analyst help the business team to monitor these strategies through data analysis.

Case Study

Candidate undergoes Case Study on live industry scenarios will make the best outcome from the program. This part of the program is an independent study conducted by the candidate using the techniques and skills they acumen form the course. Best pick general topics are like

  • Attrition Monitoring Reports
  • Delinquency Monitoring Reports
  • Campaign performance reports