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positions that require big data expertise have been advertised by today’s top 10 big data employers since November 2014


of senior executives surveyed say they need more talent and capability to fully leverage data and analytics


of organizations surveyed say they are using data and analytics in some area of the business

Expertise in Business Knowledge
Experience creating queries
Excellent SQL & Statistical Skills
Educational Background from CS, IT, Stats
Elementary Excel & Reporting Skills
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Strategic Solution Architect

  • Analyses Business Problem
  • Covert it into a Data Problem and transit it to Backend Team
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  • Considers the business problem, looks at solutions from technological angles and pass on the problem statement to Backend team
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  • Structurally use the data to come up solutions for the business problem
  • Presents the Data results to Business Analysts & Reporting team with feedback
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MIS Reporter

  • Disseminates Data insights into Presentations
  • Deliver solutions with insights, forecasts future plans