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Business Statistics with R Programming

Master statistics with Hands-on Classroom Training in Business Statistics with R Programming!

Classroom Training on Business Statistics with R

The Objective of this course is to address the rising requirement of business statisticians in the industry to use R Language to solve Business Problems. A large proportion of the world's leading statisticians use R. This Course teaches R libraries for a wide variety of statistical and graphical techniques, including linear and nonlinear modelling, Logistic Regression, Predictive Modelling, and others.

A Man Working with Tools to depict that Hands-on Classes are Provided with R Business Statistics Skill Course at Study Analytics
Hands-On Classes
Data Warehouse to indicate that real Industry Data will be Provided with hands-on Classes for R Business Statistics Skill Course at Study Analytics
Industry Data
Multiple Domains Across the globe to indicate that workshops from multiple domains are conducted along with R Business Statistics Skill course at study analytcis
Group Study
Projects with real industry usecases to indicate that live projects are done alongwith R Business Statistics Skill course at Study Analytics
Live Projects
Study Materials are shared to the candidates when they take up R Business Statistics Skill course at Study Analytics
Study Material Shared
Man thinking in Analytic Mindset to show that the learning pedagogy for R Business Statistics Skill Course at Study Analytics is Easy for the Learner
Easy Learning Pedagogy

Course Highlights

The course duration of R Business Statistics Skill Course at Study Analytics

30 Hrs of Classroom Training + 30 Hours Home Assignments and Project

  • A man working with R Programming tools to show that Assignments are given per topic with R Business Statistics Skill course at Study AnalyticsAssignments: 20+
  • A computer screen with process and outcome to indicate that projects with real business scenarios are facilitaed along with R Business Statistics Skill course at Study AnalyticsProjects: With Real Business Problems and Data
  • Multiple Domains Across the globe to indicate that workshops from multiple domains are conducted along with R Business Statistics Skill course at study analyticsDomains: Multiple- Retail, Online, Sales
  • A spanner and screw driver image to show that the teaching methodology at Study Analytics for R Business Statistics Skill Course is practice basedPedagogy: 100% practice based Learning

What do you get?

  • In-Class Assignments (Learn while practicing)
  • Live Projects to refine the subject taught (Be experienced)
  • The best practices to build an effective Business dashboard
  • Skills on data processing and business reporting life cycle
  • Most Relevant and Latest Methods in Data Analytics and the Best Practiced R Programming Techniques.
  • A Thorough Understanding About Data Analysis Using R Software in Real Business
Two fresh graduates new to Analytics standing hand in hand to indicate the prerequisites for taking up R Business Statistics Skill course at Study Analytics


A novice who wish to learn statistical applications on industry problems with R tool can take up this tool. The candidate is expected to know computer fundamentals and R Programming( You may have a look at the R programming course, if you dont already have the skills in R)

Two succesful candidates wearing graduation caps after completing R Business Statistics Skill Course at Study Analytics

Course Outcome

Upon successful completion of the course , the candidate could learn how to apply business statistics for solving real time business problmes with descriptive and inferencial statistics using R Tool

Course Modules

  • Introduction
    • The R environment
    • Using R studio
    • Installation and loading Packages
    • Hands On training
    • List Item
  • R Operations and Functions
    • Data Types and Data Structures
    • R-packaged functions and Operators
    • List Item
    • Conditional Statements and Loops
    • R Functions
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
    • Import/Export data
    • Data Manipulation : Merging, sorting, filtering
    • Data Appending
    • Cross-Tabs
    • Handling Missing Values
  • Basic Statistics
    • Descriptive Statistics
    • Frequency and Probability Distribution Analysis
    • Inferential Statistics. Hypothesis testing
    • Parametric and Nonparametric tests
    • LCorrelation
    • Anova
  • Graphical Plots
    • Generating graphs/plots in R
    • Exporting plots
    • Functions for dynamic plots
    • Exporting plot for reporting
    • dev.off()
  • Linear Regression and Logistics Regression
    • Simple and Multiple Linear Regression
    • Model Estimation
    • Diagnostic checks
    • Confusion Matrix
    • Sensitivity; Specificity
  • Case Study with hands on training
The Syllabus can be customized for a Group of Students or Corporates. Reach to us for the customization options as per your institutional requirements

Hear from Our Students

Yathartha Sharma
Gupta Power Infrastructure Limited

The classroom sessions at Study analytics is very interactive and interesting. Students get to learn about the different perspective of analytics which is taken by the highly qualified professionals. I give a thumbs up to Study Analytics.

Richard Suman

A very interactive session at Study Analytic helped me to know things in a much better way. I would appreciate it if this kind of workshops could happen more frequently. A perfect session with lots of takeaways !!

Vinay Patil

Very good insight on how analytics work in banks was provided in Study Analytics, useful session as it will definitely help in interviews. Real-Time industry problems were definitely helpful.

Ramkrushna Panda
Integrity Infotech

"I think I came to the right place, doubts get cleared fast and precise. Looking forward for a goodtime in the future even with Study Analytics. Training will be helpful for certification and job."

Seshadri Deb Roy
DXC Technology

Study Analytics is providing an excellent platform for me to establish myself as a data analyst. The curriculum is wonderful for a SAS beginner. The teaching staff is very skilled and assist very well. I have equipped myself very well with their cooperation.

Khailendra Solanki
MIAC - Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation

The classes at Study Analytics were a big help to get me into another level in excel. The exercise done during the course were very helpful in understanding the functions and their usage.

Srishti Kalwar

The sessions at Study Analytics was very useful. Got to know much about where and how big data plays a role in the banking sector and how the data is handled or dealt within the banking sector.

Harish Nilajkar
Christ University

"My resume has been uplifted due to this training . Wonderful experience , it is a domain that is going to survive to a long time and training was good."
Let our experts help you customizing the course for your profile


R is the first open source software for data analysis. Hence most university graduates and researchers prefer to use R programming for their research and data analytics needs. As a reason it is open source and more researchers are familiar to it, the industry started using it for the data analytics and statistical analysis requirement of the business and research data like data preparation, visualization, exploratory data analysis, predictive analysis and even for advanced machine learning capabilities.
R is a open source programming language for statistical computing and graphics supported by the R Foundation for Statistical Computing. The R language is widely used among statisticians and data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis. R allows the user to integrate with other languages (C, C++,etc.). It can also interact with many data sources and statistical packages (SAS, SPSS,etc.).

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