sql classes in bangalore


“Understand the structured business data you need to handle for creating, recording, analyzing, retrieving and managing required business information. An easy learning hands on training on SQL for a novice.”

Duration : 150 Hours

Fees : 23,000/-

Key Takeaways from this course:

In class Assignments

Practical training on tool

Case Studies

Master Classes

Alumni Support


Getting Started

Candidates are oriented to business data and data structures, well in this techno functional training on SQL Data Base. Overview of the Relational Data Base Management System in order to perform statistical and logical analysis on structured business data as well as data processing.

  • DBMS Overview
  • Why DBMS , People Using DBMS
  • Data Models
  • ER Modeling
  • Case Study

Data Structures

A clear understanding about data structures in depth level is covered through this portion of the course.

  • Introduction to Normalization
  • Functional Dependencies
  • 1-4 Normal Forms


This module comprehensively covers the Structured Query Language with the CRED process on data to process the data. Query form tables to make a meaningful way of information extractions in the simplest form to the complex subqueries and inline views. Summarizing using advanced SQL functions, common filters as well as group filters effectively used to perform the best optimized solutions. Includes

  • Creating Tables
    • DDL and DML Statements
  • Basic Queries
    • Overview of the SQL
    • Specifying Columns
    • Specifying Rows
    • Presenting Data
    • Subsetting data from source
    • Exercises
    • Summarizing Data
    • Group By , Having
    • Subqueries
    • Exercises
  • Functions
    • Aggregate Function
    • String Functions
    • Date Functions
    • Numeric Functions
    • Exercises
  • Combining Tables
    • Overview
    • Joins
    • Complex Joins
    • Inline views
    • Exercises
    • Set Operators
    • Exercises
  • Views


This portion covers how to create a single unit of work. Module teaches how to manage the data modifications to a part of data base permanently and how to handle error and roll back and cancelled transactions.

  • Concurrency
  • Locking

Accessing SQL Tables from Other Softwares

How to access data from SQL from external software and front end applications and preparing the data as per the required formats as well as data structure needed by the external software.

  • Accessing SQL data from excel
  • Accessing SQL data from SAS and working with queries

Data Warehouse

Need for data warehousing for effective access of business data, extract transform and load to the warehouse in order to store and retrieve the meaning business information for the Business Intelligence Applications.

  • Concepts
  • Schemas

Case Study

Cases Study on Real Business data will help the candidate to apply the learning they had and make their profile and skill sets industry standard.