Resources – are scarce while Artificial Intelligence is ready to explore outside Super Computer

AI (artificial Intelligence) Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing are the latest buzzwords along with automation these days, and they are expected to bring more benefits that outsourcing, cloud and SaaS/PaaS brought in the past decade. But the biggest roadblock is lack of resources even when these technologies are expected to create too many jobs redundant.

An example is even a developed country like Japan, as Deep Learning’s Rise Leaves Japan to play AI Catchup

Japan joined the artificial intelligence race late. It was not until the mid-1980s, three decades later than countries like the United States, that researchers began pondering the idea of thinking machines. Japanese companies and universities are now increasingly pouring resources into unlocking the secrets of deep learning. The country’s slow start and scarcity of AI experts, however, has hindered progress, as illustrated by the lack of breakthroughs to date

While computers have improved, the lack of activity in machine learning in the previous decade has resulted in a grave shortage of experts in the field. The scarcity is particularly acute with deep learning and has forced tech giants like Alphabet (Google), Facebook, Microsoft, to actively court and handsomely compensate suitably capable researchers

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